Feature Request: URL filter for "Add Site" notification

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I work with a lot of IP addresses where I don’t want bit warden to prompt me to save the password. It would be nice if I could add a custom filter for the prompt on which web addresses Bit Warden will ignore for password saving.

BitWarden already provides a “Never” option on the prompt which would work If I only worked with 5 IP’s. But I’m working with close to 1000 different IPs.

Copied from GitHub Issue #275

This is similar to the never Auto-Fill feature request. I work with a lot of remote iDRAC / iLO (Dell and HP remote console devices) which are accessed via which all have unique, randomized logins and passwords which are secured in a remote database (the credentials are rotated by automation on a regular schedule, various compliance regulations).

I’d like to simply ignore prompting to save a password for any IP that begins https://10.12.* for example and blacklist the entire fleet of lights-out consoles.

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Definitely a similar set of circumstances. For us it’s our fleet of printers that is being a pain. I couldn’t find the never Auto-Fill Request. Is it on the site already?

Here’s the Feature Request link, ported in from the Github issues: Disable “Autofill On Page Load” option for specific logins

Closed as Excluded Domains was released on 2021-3-11