[Feature Request] "Soft" password & PIN code

I think it will be very nice and convenient to have the following feature:

  • After the first log in with the MASTER password, the user can log in again with a SOFT password that is shorter and quicker to type (e.g. a 4-digit PIN or finger-print).

  • However, after a certain amount of time has passed since the MASTER password was enter (the vault will be fully locked again and the user need to re-enter the MASTER password. This period of time can be a few hours, or as long as the browser is still open, depending on the user selection.

  • If the SOFT password is entered incorrectly (can be once or several times), the system will revert to full lock down with MASTER password

I think there is already a thread and vote for this:

I do agree with your proposed details. I would really like to see this feature.

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