Feature request: enhance "Report" to check class action lawsuits

I’d like my password manager service, which knows about my accounts with other services, to notify me of suits I could join (or to file my information into class action lawsuits on my behalf).

There are websites like https://www.classaction.org that track class action lawsuits. That particular website will send an email/newsletter with new lawsuits, updates to lawsuits, or soon-to-close lawsuits. I have used that specific service and the process looks like this:

  • I read the newsletter to look for cases that might apply to me or friends/family.
  • I join lawsuits where I am affected to receive compensation when the suit is settled or decided.
  • I receive payment.

Bitwarden includes the capability to check my email and passwords against known breaches. What if another check includes a search using my login items’ URI(s) against ongoing lawsuits?