Feature Request - Add new logins right from within the Add-New-Login dropdown box (to an existing folder, or new folder)

When automatically creating/saving a new login (horizontal bar will popup at the top of the browser underneath the url bar, asking if you’d like to save this new login)…


…there should also be the option within that popup bar to add the new login to a specific folder (or create a new folder to add that new login to) so that we don’t have to go back into that card afterwards to add it to a folder (or then click a bunch more times to go all the way to the settings page just to add a new folder). When the popup bar asks if we’d like to save a new login, it should also at the same time in the same popup bar have an option to select a folder to add that new login into, or to create a new folder to add that new login into, right from within the popup bar that asks if we’d like to save the new login, similar to RoboForm’s save-new-login popup:

Also please note RoboForm also has the ability to have parent/child/sub folders (ability to create an indefinite number of nested folders within folders).

Example of RoboForm’s ability to Select (or Create) Folder (to save the new login to) right from within the dropdown box of the Save New Login Details popup box, with ability for indefinite nested folders:

(you may have to click/open this image to see it clearly)