Favicon in Mac app, not if Firefix extension

The favicon of https://www.overheid.nl is properly shown in the latest Mac app, but is not shown in the Firefox extension. I have synced vaults in both applications. See screenshot. Is this a known bug?



Not a known bug, but each client does get its icons from our icon service individually. Perhaps firefox is causing some connection issues to the service, but also double-check that ‘disable icons’ isn’t checked in options.

That’s the case. I can see some other icons. The specific icon / account has been in my vault for ages, so it should’ve been there already. My guess would indeed be that there’s a connectivity error in the browser.

I have the same issue with the Safari extension. And the favicon is loaded in both FF and Safari outside the extension I can see, so it’s not a generic networking issue (like some network or in-browser add blocker).

Is there any way I can look at logging?

OK. That’s weird. I scrolled through the vault in the FF extension and all of a sudden the icon is visible. But it still isn’t in Safari.