Family plan unlimited sessions and individual shared collections possible?

I have the following two questions before I switch to the family plan:

a) The plan gives access to up to 6 users. When a user loggs in with his mobile phone and with his laptop, does this count as 1 user or 2 users? Or in other words: A user can have an unlimited number of open sessions at the same time, correct?
b) Can I create multiple shared collections and give individual access to them or is a shared collection automatically visible for every member of the family? Can I create a shared collection “parents” where the kids do not have access and a shared collection “all” where all the members of the family have access? Is this possible with the family plan or do I need an business plan for that?

Thank you so much

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  1. Yes. A user is identified by the email address for the account. One person can have multiple sessions open.
  2. Yes. You can create multiple collections with different access, or no access, for each member. As the owner, you will have access to all collections.

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FYI, by removing “Can View” permissions to a collection for yourself, you can at least hide its contents from view when you are using your own vault — in that case, you can only access the contents of the hidden collection by going into the Admin Panel.


Looks like you can now shut off owner & admin somewhat permanently as well.

Owners and admins can manage all collections and items
With this option turned off, cannot automatically be accessed or changed by an owner or admin. Owners and admins will only have access to collections to which they have permissions directly assigned.

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The word “automatically” is doing some heavy lifting in that passage. The docs are a bit ambiguous, unfortunately. Would be good if someone who uses organizations could report their experiences with turning that option off.

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