Family plan trial

I currently have a free account and am considering signing my family up to a family account.

When I click on the “start free trial” under the “plans and pricing” section of the web site I am prompted to create a free account. It is not clear whether I can use my existing account or whether I should set up a new free account to use for the trial (perhaps my reasoning ability is impaired today)

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

That link does kick off the new account registration process. It’s super easy for existing accounts :slight_smile:

To try out the family plan you’ll just log into your vault and add an organization. From that page you’ll select the Families option.

Thanks for that - I see now.

The process for sharing with family does seem a bit convoluted - more in keeping with a business organization - but I’ll persist to see if it suits what I need.

Thanks for taking the time to help.