Family organization re-onboarding user(s)


I have a family account, and one of the users cannot recall the password. I went through the revoke/remove/invite process in the hope it will allow the user to re-onboard again using the email address provided.

It turns out that doing revoke/remove/invite again on one of the existing users, BitWarden still remembers the email address and it cannot be added again.

Is there any way the email address that was previously used to be forgotten by BitWarden so I can re-onboard the user? From what I have read, there are some options for this, if you are self-hosted, but I am not.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Hey @DanL and welcome to the community,

I would first check and verify if that family Org member ever set-up emergency access which would allow for view or take-over of that user’s vault by a designated trusted contact, in the case there are items they would need access to and do not have a recent backup. You may also check to see if they are still logged in to any devices to retrieve their data manually.

If you do not need this, or do not have the feature enabled then the only other option would be to delete the personal vault and account completely, after which you should be able to invite that user back to your Families Organization.

For more details please see

It seems that deleting the user account and re-onboarding actually solved the issue. Thank you!

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