Family member logins saved to Common Collection?

I’ve paid for a Family account so my wife and I would have separate logins and I could create work-specific passwords that she shouldn’t have access to (work wouldn’t like that, eh?).

When I set it up,

  1. I create a family organization
  2. I created a Common collection
  3. I moved all our family passwords and credit cards, etc. to this Common collection.

My problem is that when we create additional passwords, they’re accessible only to the person who created them. But if we add a new bank account, we need to share it. From what I’ve seen, the Administrator (me) would have to use the Admin Console to move them all to the Common collection.

This seems very secure, but overly-convoluted for a family setup. Am I missing some setting that would enable automatically adding individually-created passwords to the Family Organization?

You probably need to edit the Permissions granted to your wife, so that she has either “Can Edit” or “Can Manage” permissions for your “Common” collection.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

She already had all permissions.

When you (or your wife) create a new vault item, there should be an option (on the Edit screen for the item) to assign the item ownership to the organization, and placing it into the “Common” collection. Are you not seeing these options?