Family Member Creating a Vault

I have a family account with me, wife, adult son and teenager. Wife and I are admins to the Org. We created a Collection to Share between the two of us (both admins) and another Collection to share with the adult son (all admins). Adult son wants to create a vault to share some login information with his parents and teenage brother but read-only access.

  1. Is it even possible for me and wife to have read-only access if we are admins of the Org?
  2. Can adult son even create a Collection on his own?

Sharing is very different than LP where any family member could share any one item (or a folder) an assign different access levels.


Thanks @gadgetfreak there are upcoming changes to this process that should help you do what you need.

I think you can create folders (essentially new collections) in your org and then populate the entries your adult son wants to share with his parents and those with his brother (your teenage son). Everyone would then need to be invited to your org/family plan.

The way you would need to structure the folders/collections would be for each person has their own “collection” in the org (aka the “family vault”). 1) you, 2) your wife, 3) your adult son, 4) your teenage son, and 5) your adult son’s parents (not sure why that isn’t you and your wife?)

You then setup two sub-folders, or sub-collections for each person, one for their own full-control entries (read-write), and another for shared entries that they don’t (read-only). You create sub-folders/sub-collections by using a “/” in the collection name. The interface in the app / extensions will automatically show this like a filesystem tree. For example, create a collection called “Son” (normally nothing will be in that collection, or it is there as a placeholder until you decide on a better sub-folder/sub-collection), and a collection called “Son/stuff” and another collection called “Son/read-only”. You can have more, like “Teenager”, “Teenager/Stuff”, “Teenager/Games”, and “Teenager/read-only”.

You then setup each person has having read/write or read-only access to their respective sub-folders/collections.

This also works for devices too. Like the shared open-use infotainment tablet in the living room. Setup a folder for the device with read-only and you can share the streaming site logins with the device.

You will want to make sure that those devices are setup with a PIN and/or biometrics and to lock after a minute or two so that people allowed to use the tablet don’t have to know your account’s master password - just the PIN. You can set a different PIN for each device or app or browser extension. So don’t use the same PIN as the tablet on your phone or your computer.

That will definitely keep things clean. But wife and I will have full access to make changes to my son’s entries. To prevent accidental changes, we can remove the permissions but, as owners of the Org, we can always add those permissions back.