Family and business plan at the same time?

I’ve been using BitWarden for about a year and I love it. The plan was to test it out, then set up a family plan to get my wife into a password manager that we could then use to share common passwords like our Netflix and whatnot.

I’m also the head sysadmin for my church. In addition to our physical computer systems, I also manage the email and website, which involves a good number of logins.

If I start a business plan for my church, then create an organization, can I then add my existing personal account to that then move all the stored passwords for the church over to that organization? And can I still belong to my family organization?

I have not progressed past the free account, I’m trying to figure out how it works before I do that, LOL. I’m trying not to paint myself into a corner.

Hi @JF81 for the business organization, are you looking for the ability to share credentials with other users, or are you the only one that needs access to them?

If it’s only for you, you can purchase a Families Organization plan and use a folder to organize work related items.

This article explains how to setup a Free 2-Person Org (max 2 collections) if you’re interested in exploring the organization collections functionality.