Families vs premium billing

So, a quick one. Is a Families account a superset of the Premium I use? For example, will that be $10/yr for Premium + $40/yr for Families?

This may be an ultra-FAQ but I can’t seem to find an obvious answer.

The Families Plan includes 6 user seats for $40/year and all members automatically get Bitwarden Premium Features.
It will be just 40 dollars per yearIt will have all the premium features by default*


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Bitwarden Families grows from 5 users to 6, and the price is lowered from $52/year (with Premium Features for everyone) to $40/year, which now automatically includes Premium features for everyone.

I get that :slight_smile: I just want to know what happens next, as I appear to have a premium subscription and and families one.

@borkle the mechanics changed a bit with the new plans.

  • Classic Families ( before 9/7/2020) - The Family plan was around sharing, being able to create an Organization. Each user within could upgrade to premium, so if you had 5 users, essentially you had 5 subscriptions: 1 Family “Share” Organization subscription (which was tied to 1 user and allowed premium features - $12) and 4 x $10 Premium subscriptions

  • Current Families (9/8/2020 and beyond) - This structure assigns a user to a Family Organization ($40), and allows up to 6 total users to belong to that org, that “inherit” premium features.

Hopefully, that helped more than it confused :slight_smile:

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If you already have Premium, does it get factored in if you upgrade to a Family Plan? At $10 it doesn’t really bother me, just curious if it gets pro-rated. I’d like my wife and daughter to start using Bitwarden.

I asked the same question and was told you forfeit the $10.

So when my premium subscription expires, I’ll still continue as normal with my families sub? This is what I’m trying to find out. I don’t particularly mind if it’s not pro-rata’d for a year, though that would be a helpful improvment

If you are on the new families plan, then you’ll keep premium even once your individual premium expires :+1:

@danmullen @davoodoo that’s correct, the premium subscription is technically a separate item and not an “upgrade” to the plan.