Failed to fetch when trying to Login to Desktop Client while Web/Extensions work great

Hey there,

I have a little problem that I don’t understand.

I have a Self Hosted BitWarden on a Linux VM.

Everything is working great! I can log into my account at https://bitwarden.mydomain.lan
and use the same URL to log on to my account, on both Firefox and Edge Bitwarden extensions.

The Problem is, if I try to do the same on the Desktop Client I get the following -
I first configure the URL in the Client:

After that I type in my E-Mail Address of my BitWarden Account, i type in my Password → click on Sign in and then an Error Message saying: “Failed to fetch” pops up

The “funny” thing is - I can ping the URL and the Server IP and i get a response

What version of the server are you running, and what version of the Desktop app are you using?

Bitwarden Desktop:
Version 2023.9.3
Shell 25.9.1
Renderer 114.0.5735.289
Node 18.15.0
Architecture x64

Bitwarden Server:
Server Installed 2023.9.1
Server Latest 2023.9.1

Web Installed 2023.9.2
Web Latest 2023.9.2

I already tried to do ./ updateself && ./ update

This seems to be the newest Version

Hi @WTS_BitWarden - are there any updates to this? Have you been able to reach out to the Support Team?