Failed to fetch: Ubuntu 22.10 desktop app to signed self-hosted server does not have root certificates in most browsers. I manually add them in my Ubuntu desktop (Chromium Docs - Linux Cert Management) and browsers. Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Edge all log into my self-hosted server just fine after importing the root certificates (and not the signed server certificate as I want the certificate chain verified).

The Ubuntu desktop app from snap always displays the error “Failed to fetch”. I Does the desktop app hard code it’s own trusted certificates?

Is there a log file from the desktop app that can give me some more detail into the error? Do any of you have any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance.

Version numbers follow:
$ snap list
bitwarden 2023.1.1 82 latest/stable bitwarden✓ -
Version 2023.1.1
Shell 21.3.1
Renderer 106.0.5249.181
Node 16.16.0
Architecture x64

Server Installed
Server Latest
Web Installed
Web Latest