Failed to fetch (MacOS desktop app)

I get the “Failed to Fetch” error when I try to login in the Bitwarden Desktop App. My environment is:
Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 (M1)
BitWarden App 1.23.1 (installed from App Store)
2-step verification TOTP activated.
Web page web vault login is OK. Safari extension works fine.
I used to install Bitwarden by directly download from BW site and install but the Safari extension no longer worked in this way. So I install from App Store. Everything is OK except the desktop app. In the BitWarden Desktop development view, it says “net::ERR_CERT_INVALID”

Any clue to fix it? Still like to use desktop app to organise folders.


Interesting as i have the same situation after upgrading to BigSur on just one of my MACs, 2-step is not in use.
I have 3 Intel MACs in total - all running BigSur, all the same Bitwarden Desktop App build all the same trusted Certificates installed and in all 3 the Web Extension and Browser Vault Access works fine. Just one MAC failes to fetch only (!) in the Desktop App shows “net::ERR_CERT_INVALID” - same as cybermirror. What can i do to troubleshoot or fix the issue?

I finally fixed my issue after removing the App, removing all related certificates and removing everything from ~/Library/Containers/com.bitwarden.desktop/Data/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden.
Then i reinstalled the certificates, trusted them, installed the App from the Appstore and it worked like a charme. I assume removing the App only doesn´t clean up the path mentioned above completly…

Can you tell me how to “removing all related certiifcates”, and how to “reinstall the certificates, trusted them” ? Please help as I don’t know how to deal with cetificates stuff.

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+1, @dieoma, I would love some guidance on how to remove the certificates as well. I looked in the Keychain app but did not see any certificates under the search query “Bitwarden” anywhere.

I have tried without removing certificates and just removing the (1) app and (2) “~/Library/Containers/com.bitwarden.desktop/Data/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden” but have not removed the “certificates” because I do not know how to and it still does not work.

The certificates are not necessarily behind the name Bitwarden unless your Server hosting the Container it is call Bitwarden. Check a sample screenshot here how they might look like

How the certificates get created and used depends on your setup. With nginx or without, with docker or wirhout,… I pretty much followed the instructions found here. Even if you have a different NAS than synology you should be able to follow as the docket runtime works the same was finally…