Face unlock not offered

I am using BW 2023.1.0 on my Android 10 Ulefone mobile. I unlock my phone with the camera, but BW only offers PIN unlock. BW has permission to access my phone. How do I get face unlock on BW?

Is there an Unlock with Face ID in your Bitwarden settings? If so, is it turned on?

You can see more info here:

Edit: I did a little more research and the situation is more complicated than I thought:

@Martin_Ross TL;DR It probably won’t work on your phone.

Only unlock with PIN is offered. I had read that help article. The sound article suggests I won’t be able to use face unlock.


Very interesting, I use a Samsung device with fingerprint as well.
Face unlock can be enabled and functions similarly to unlocking the phone with face, as it does within the Bitwarden app and fingerprint biometrics.

I did not seem to experience any issues with this as others are mentioning. :confused:

@Martin_Ross perhaps contacting Bitwarden support for further assistance with your issue may be of assistance.
Though I am sure anyone else here in the forums would also appreciate reporting back to hopefully make sure any others who experience this can resolve it as well.

I use another password manager, RoboForm and it says Biometrics not available at this time.

I shall ask BW tech support, as instructed!