Face Unlock - Android (Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

The Bitwarden Help site says face unlock is available on most iOS and Android devices.

Is the Mate 20 Pro supported? When I select “Biometric” I am only given the fingerprint unlock option, not a choice between face or fingerprint?

The fingerprint reader on my device is unreliable so faceID would make my experience a lot better if I can get it. I have both fingerprints and faceID activated in my phone settings and I successfully use faceID to unlock the phone every day.



Some phones/Android variants offer to use the fingerprint sensor first, and then fallback to facial recognition; Could you please try dismissing the operating system’s fingerprint prompt and let me know if it then offers you to use facial recognition?

If that does not change things, please let me know what version of Android and Bitwarden you are using. Also, please take a look at your phone’s Settings > Security menu, and let me know if it allows you to specify a biometric method/access for each application.

Thank you in advance,

Many thanks for the advice,

When dismissing the fingerprint it reverts to the password option, not face recognition. This is consistent with the behaviour in other apps.

The system is running EMUI which I believe is Android 10 based. I cannot locate a setting which allows me to specify a Biometric option for each app.

Perhaps this is a Huawei limitation.