Extension in browser

I added the extension to the browser. pin it to taskbar. But after closing the browser the extension bitwarden disappear. This happens with Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Only in Edge the extension shows up when restart the browser.
I tried all settings i know.
What is my fault?

What is your operating system?

When you say “the extension … disappear”, do you mean that it has been completely uninstalled, and no longer shown in the extensions manager, for example if you go to chrome://extensions/ (in Chrome)?

Do you have any anti-malware apps installed on your computer?

Does you computer belong to an employer, who is using Microsoft InTune and or Advance Threat Protection to manage their fleet of computers?

completely uninstalled. I am Using windows 10 and installed and active Avast Antivirus.
Computer not belongs to an employer

Could you temporarily disable Avast Antivirus and check if the browser extension remains installed on browser restart?

danke fuer den Tip. Das hat geholfen.

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In that case, it seems that Avast is responsible for removing your Bitwarden extensions. Perhaps there is a way in Avast to whitelist or otherwise exclude certain apps or extensions from scanning? Alternatively, switch to a different anti-malware solution.

The extension now stay attached to chrome.
I didnt find anything i can do in Avast settings, so i wrote a email to avast support and ask for a solution.
i let you know as soon they answer.

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I would suggest uninstalling Avast, and letting Microsoft’s Defender handle antivirus detection instead. If you prefer a third-party solution, I would recommend Malwarebytes.