Extension biometric unlock requires desktop app running?

Trying to make the switch from LastPass to BW and after getting it setup I’m a bit surprised that I can’t use my Yubikey to unlock the extension like I can with LP.

I was able to get the biometric login working after installing the desktop app and giving the BW extension permissions to access file URL’s but that seems like more work do. Must the desktop app be open, logged in and running for the biometric extension unlock to work?

Also, any plans to allow Yubikeys to unlock the vault? They work for signing into the extension but why can’t they unlock it?

Hello @Cube1910 - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

Yes, BW and Lastpass are very different products, and you should not expect them to operate the exact same way, much like making the switch from an Android phone to an iPhone, or vice versa.

For security reasons, the Bitwarden browser extensions use the Bitwarden desktop app for biometric unlocks. Thus, you must have the desktop app running to process biometric authentication requests. You must also be logged in to the desktop app, but it can be locked and running in the background.

Regarding Yubikey 2FA, that is supported on nearly all browsers. But it is a premium feature, so you must purchase a subscription to use it (unlike Lastpass, a personal BW subscription is only $10 a year). Cheers!

I’m paying for premium and registered both my Yubikeys and they work for logging into the web vault and for signing into the extension on the first time but within the extension, under settings, the only unlock options are PIN and biometrics. There is no Yubikey option to unlock the extension.

In Bitwarden, Yubikey is only used for authentication when logging in. There is a feature request that you can vote for:

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