Extend the Send feature to support sending passwords to users within the same organization

Feature function

There are three parts to the this feature request.

  1. Allow for the selection of a Recipient within the same organization when creating a Send.
  2. Add a “Password” type (in addition to Text and File types) of Send. This would basically contain all the fields in the “Add Item” dialog (name, username, password, url, etc)
  3. Notify users when they receive such a Send, and allow them to import this into their vault.

This will enable organization admins to onboard users more easily. They can simply send the new user a bunch of passwords, instead of creating user-specific collections which are a pain to maintain. Any time an account is created on behalf of a user, the password can then be communicated in a secure fashion, with minimal friction.

Related topics

This is similar to the Vault Item Sharing feature request, but I believe my proposal is easier to implement and will also cover their desire functionality.

Brownie points if this can be automated using the API.

Thanks, this is planned :+1:

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