Extend Search to Folders and Collections and Vaults

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Search Folder and Collection Names

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Currently the search filter does not search the name of a Folder, collection or Vault. We have hundreds of folders in several collections and it is extremely laborious to scroll all the way through them to find the entries we need. Also if a folder was filed incorrectly in the wrong folder or collection it may never be found.

This was certainly the case in Keeper but we moved to Bitwarden due to the better user management, access control and sharing, but this search problem is a showstopper for us.

Many thanks.


Thanks for the suggestion! The team is working on this one :+1:

Hi @bw-admin ,
is there already an ETA for this feature? Is really important also in our organization.


Hey @Marco the team is working on improving this functionality, no specific ETA at this time but we will be sure to update as information becomes available.

Hi @bw-admin , many thanks!

Is there an update on this functionality?

We have recently moved to Bitwarden and one of the areas we noticed was the search function not being overly helpful for large collections etc and has the most ‘moan points’ internally.

Hey Brigand, if you tap on the collection heading in the sidebar in the web vault, or navigate to the Organizations section from the top header, you can search collections. Additional functionality is in development.

Hey @Brigand, I’m pinging you in case you didn’t get notified about dwbit’s response :slight_smile:

I just started test driving Bitwarden these past few days, figuring out all it’s ins and outs, and my overall impressions are pretty positive, but I’m starting to find several small inconveniences/nuances, to include the ability to filter out / remove specific folders from search criteria.

It’s been almost a year since this has been requested. Any chance this is nearing the finish line?

Bitwarden’s getting some pretty high praise in the IT community, so keep up the good work!

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The way this is currently implemented leaves a lot to be desired. When searching for a collection, you have to specifically click on the Collections tab, then filter, then click on one of the collections that were found, then remove your filter to find entries inside that collection.

Nice request, I hope this will be implemented soon. With a lot of collections it is very anoying to scroll that much.