Exposed password report false positives

I think I found what looks like a bug in the bitwarden exposed passwords report.
I ran it once, and it was reporting one of my accoutns as having an exposed password. I checked the password, and to my surprise it was saved as the usual placeholder bitwarden uses: a set of dots. I guess that qualifies as a blank password (or maybe many people are using it because a previous bug).
The thing is that, since then, I updated the password to be the correct one of the service, which I checked in many other “exposed password services” and they report my password to not being exposed, but the exposed passwords report keeps showing this account as exposed.

Can you please have a look at this bug?

Ok, the bug is even more stupid than that. I’m not sure if it is google chrome or bitwarden who is doing this, but what is happening is that, when I click reveal the password the field is being automatically filled with the password associated with my bitwarden account.
IMO you should not be flaggint this field as password, and if you do, you must disable auto-completion, because this is not a field you are supposed to be filling, just reading. Even easier, make the reveal not be an input, just a plain text dom element.