Exportar arquivo [File export problem]

Na exportação do arquivo na extensão JSON eu posso abrir em que programas para ter impresso estás senhas?

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Google Translate interprets your question as follows:

When I export Bitwarden passwords to Excel, the list of banks, in favorites, does not appear. Does anyone know why?

Something may be lost in translation, because it seems strange that only bank account login credentials would be lost.

Is your question about bank cards (debit cards, credit cards, etc.), which are stored in Bitwarden as a card item (cartão)? If so, the explanation is that if you make a vault export in the CSV format, it will only include Login items (credenciais) and Secure Note items (notas seguras). To export card items, you must select a JSON format. However, unfortunately, JSON files are not suitable for viewing in Excel.

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