Export Vault


I’m a Newbie.

If I export an encrypted json file of my valut - what is best practice for storing it - especially where do I store it ?



Do you have any secure cloud backup facilities, or an encrypted local drive? I have an encrypted portable hard drive but also use Sync.com for encrypted cloud storage.

Thanks for that
In general terms would the encryption key for the drive or sync be the bit warden one or something else

It uses your vault’s encryption key. Note, if you do an encrypted export and then change your encryption key, don’t forget to do a new export, otherwise you’ll lose access to your backup.


Another option is to use an encrypted container like a TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt container, or an encrypted disk image (.dmg) if you are on a Mac. The container is stored as a single encrypted file that you can mount as a small drive to store your backups, and the file can safely and easily be stored on your local drive and/or a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


+1 here for VeraCrypt.

When using true crypt I will need a password. Would it be best to use my bit warden password or a different one

Best practice is to use a unique password for every different service.