Export Vault without Password

I forgot the password to my vault after not using it for a while since I’ve been using my PIN to get in. I thought it was going to be an easy solution to fix by exporting my vault, deleting/creating my account, and then importing my vault. No no…so I’m stuck.

Any ideas?


Unfortunately there’s no way for you or Bitwarden to recover the master password unless you remember it due to it being used as your decryption key. I guess the best thing you can do now is to manually copy all the logins to a new account. Good luck!

I’m really pissed off why Bitwarden had to complicate the export. If one is already in the vault…you have access to everything. What exactly is being protected? At the very least, I should be allowed to enter the PIN that I used to log into my vault. When you have hundreds of entries…something simple as an export is now going to take weeks to fix.

Yup, entirely Bitwarden’s fault that you forgot the master password to your vault. How dare they make you do that. And how dare they protect the export of all your secrets with that master password (like most other good password managers). Weeks of work to fix! If an attacker had access to your device and your PIN already they could spend weeks copying all of your secrets so this offers no protection and only serves to piss off users.

I NEVER faulted Bitwarden for forgetting MY password. Why are YOU distorting what I said? If the attacker HAD THE DEVICE, it would make no different whether they got in via a PIN or password. I’ve been compromised. Whether they exported my vault would be a moot point.

Which app are you logged into?

Browser extension? Standalone app? iPhone? Android?

Depending on the app the possible methods of easing recovery differ.

The worst case scenario: You open each item and copy them over into a big file, wipe your account, and copy them back.

The best case scenario depends on which app you are logged into.

Thank you for your reply, DABURA667.

I can log into my vault using my PIN via the Firefox Bitwarden extension (on Windows 10).

A workaround I’ve been thinking is to install a competitor password manager in Firefox. Then go through each of my logins in Bitwarden and have the other password manager capture them as I log into each account. Where I used TOTP (and other custom fields), I would save to a comment field so I could normalize them later in Bitwarden. My secure notes and attachments would have to be moved manually.

Once I did all that, I would need to “reset” my original Bitwarden account and import the export of the other password manager’s saved data.

Alternatively, I could create another Bitwarden account and install the browser extension in a different browser (like Chrome) as I don’t think the Bitwarden extension can manage two Bitwarden accounts in the same browser. This method would be more work since I would have to supply login credentials for each link to be captured in the Chrome browser.

Not sure if you know the answer to this…if I deleted my original Bitwarden account, would Bitwarden allow me to reuse my old email address or would it get flagged that it is already used even after the account has been deleted?

Any other ideas would greatly be appreciated. It could just be me over complicating things. :slight_smile: