"Export Vault" in Firefox extension only allows JSON format

The Firefox extension used to allow you to export your vault in either JSON, encrypted JSON, or CSV format. Now it only allows JSON. The web interface at bitwarden.com still allows all three.

Is this a regression or was the choice deliberately removed from the extension?

I’m using extension version 1.54.0 and Firefox version 94.0 on a Fedora 34 system.

That’s very strange. I am running the same versions of Firefox and the BW extension on two Ubuntu 20.04 LTS boxes, and everything seems normal. I also successfully exported an encrypted JSON file.

I assume you have tried this already - did the problem persist after a reboot of FF and/or the machine?

I also get all three export options in the Firefox extension. However, I bet I know what your problem is. There’s an issue currently with drop-down menus not showing in Firefox on Fedora.

Use the tab key to move between fields. With the “File format” selection highlighted, press the down arrow key and you should see it cycling through the options.


Yes, that seems to be exactly what’s going on. Thanks for your help.

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