Export to KeepassXC not work

I will test KeepassXC and i have export my password (json) and import in KeepassXC but its not complete. 2fa was not exported.

You are incorrect - Bitwarden does export TOTP secret keys, so this is not a Bitwarden issue.

It sounds like KeepassXC doesn’t know how to import the information. You should check with their support network instead.

Try to import the json into a keepass2 Database, then open this with keepassXC. KeepassXC doesn’t offer a good Bitwarden json import.

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This is probably the best option, I wish Bitwarden would work to support .kdbx file exports for KeePass and the like as it’s a very well documented and supported among many providers, and open-source community driven products as well.

Could even be a method to extract attachments and other data as we’ve seen in some past community feature requests.

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