Export of vault to json file failing in Chrome

I attempted to export my vault this morning as part of my weekly backup process and while the export of to a csv file worked the export to a json file failed. The dialog worked as usual up to the point of clicking the save button. The dialog ended as usual but the file was not saved.

I suspect the problem is caused by Chrome not Bitwarden but want to ask the community to test the process and report the results.

This is system I’m running on:

Linux Mint 21.1
Kernel 5.15.0-73-generic
Google Chrome 14.0.5735.90 64-bit
Bitwarden 2023.4.0

I suspect chrome because running the export on Firefox works.


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I found the problem. An extension I had installed, Click to open 3D, was the issue. Once I removed it everything worked again. I should have checked extensions before posting.


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@tlmcca Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting the follow-up!