Export folder

Hi all!

TL;DR. Export folder to give to a friend.

I have spent at least a week helping a friend to figure out what his kid have used where and when and changing all passwords to strong passwords and adding 2FA to all where it could be used. All had a single word as a password and 3 different emails had been used… it was a complete mess…

Now i need to export that to the parents and for them to import it to their Bitwarden. So my wish wore to be able to just export the folder i created for that kids accounts.

@Emanuel Hi!

I see your point!

But there might be a workaround (I didn’t test it myself, though): you could create an organization, shift those vault items into it (maybe unassigned - or you need a collection as well?!), and make an export of the organization. See here for the export info about that: Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center