Exclude Folder from HIBP/AllItems

Feature name

Exclude Folder from HIBP/AllItems

Feature function

It might be handy to have the possibility to exclude individual folders from specific parts of the UI:

  • Excluding from Tools - Reports . For example I’m also keeping my license keys from different software products in my vault, but HIBP checks on license keys are not really useful.
  • Excluding from the generic “All Items” view, to get a cleaner view (e.g. “License Keys”) this way.

I use secure notes with custom fields for license keys. As per my 1Password migration. Do those secure notes get checked for HIBP? Or just Login typenitems? Otherwise that would be your solution or a workaround?

Me too after importing from 1Password. :smile:

That’s indeed an interesting idea. Unfortunately all my license keys are already type of “Login” (due to export from KeePass over to Enpass to Bitwarden over the years). It appears not to be possible to convert the entries in some easy way.

Beside that: I really love to have Favicons (for Logins) for my license keys as well. I have URLs for each individual project page of the license key with the corresponding favicon.

If you have logins with little or no customs fields than a simple csv export and import should do.

Me too. May be you can vote for this feature request and hopefully it will be implemented soon. :wink: