Custom icons for items

especially SVG since SVG images are really compact so I don’t think they takes many spaces.

This can be done as pro as well of course.

Sorry, don’t understand the request.

I believe they are asking to be able to add our own icons for an entry.


exactly @kspearrin @BigNickBurgess

I updated the title to better reflect the request.


I want to use Bitwarden as an universal password manager, that not only manages my website logins but also my WLAN passwords (here I don’t have an URL where I could get the icon from).
So please allow me to add custom icons to password entries.

You also could deliver a predefined set of icons (like KeePass, but more modern) but users should be able to add their own icons.


I also have quite a few non-website entries. Especially in folders with non-website entries only, those default globe icons seem like a waste of real estate when they could be a main identifier if we had custom icons.

I’m considering looking for websites with relevant favicons to put in the url boxes of my non-website entries so they’re more easily identifiable :rofl:

Would be a very helpful feature.

From another password manager which I used before (1…), I very much appreciated being able to upload custom image files. This way the list always looked very nice.

Handy, if…

  • website doesn’t have a favicon or if the address is in your local network only
  • website has a favicon file but it totally sucks

If it’s about storage space, one could just limit the file size or dimensions.

Yes please. Even for websites that don’t have favicons, or wanting to disambiguate websites with the same icon.

A custom URL facivon field would be great.

I’d really like to have this feature as well. It would provide a great overview of my vault.

Sad that Bitwarden still doesn’t have this. Coming from 1Password, it’s a shock to see hundreds of placeholder images and not being able to upload custom icons :frowning:.

Unfortunately a reason for me to skip Bitwarden for now :frowning:

Coming from Keepass, I think the feature to set different icons would be great.
I don’t need custom ones - cn be a preset of 10 pictures.

We’re storing may different types of access credentials, so checking which one you need from an icon on a glance really saves time.

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+1 from me. I’m with this feature request.

It will be very helpfull for secure notes also to give them a custom icon and for websites / apps which don’t have an own icon.

Absolutely would looove this feature. Another downside to adding a Favicon as a URL: it uses up the “first” URL space because it doesn’t apply the favicon if it’s not the first one.

That’s right. But it doesn’t matter if you use a second URL for match detection. I have some URLs which don’t provide a favicon. So I set an URL with favicon in the first place and set the match detection to “Never”. The second URL is the URL which should be used for login detection. This works fine as a workaround but it would be great if you could use a custom favicon for such an entry. :slight_smile:

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My vote for this request. Custom icons like in SafeInCloud or OneSafe. Even OneSafe has an icon search engine integrated through the Google search engine. It would be great to have this feature in Bitwarden.!