Exclude Android APP from auto fill

I’m using auto fill function on android, but I have some applications, where I won’t use auto fill. Is there a way how to exclude some application on android device to prevent auto fill ? Because every time when I log in, BitWarden ask me to save password.


Make sure you have an entry in Bitwarden for the app you want to exclude and set the match detection for the URI to “Never”.

Thank You.

I’m also interested to exclude some applications from the auto-fill feature, typically Contacts and Messages.
But how do I know the URI of these applications ?

Create new item with empty name and password and add this to uri:
androidapp://<app.package.name> and set match detection to never as suggested danmullen.

Where app.package.name is application package name.
There are many ways how to get package name.

Thanks for your help.
I could find the URI, going in the application and using the auto-fill to create the item. Doing this the URI is created automatically in the item.
Actually it’s impossible to create an item with an empty name; it seems the name is mandatory.
So it seems to me I did everything right, but the auto-fill is still appearing when I’m going in the application. Any idea ?

You are right, name is mandatory. I mean login, not name, my fault. Anyway, If you already have URI flled, just through wheel on right side set match detection to never. I can’t do screenshots on phone, but there is screenshot from Firefox addon.


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Sorry for this very late answer and thanks for your help.
It seems to me, I did everything correctly, but the auto-fill still appears.
Any ideas ?
Kind regards


Finally, I found the solution, asking Bitwarden’s technical support (who was very quick by the way). Here is the answer :

“The mobile application has a blacklist that will disable autofill for the specified application or website. This setting is found under Settings > Options > Blacklisted URI’s. It is the last option. If you want to blacklist an android application, you will need to add the application package name.”

If you don’t know the application package name, there is a simple trick : enter the application and then tap on the auto-fill feature. Then do as if you would like to create a new element. The package name will be shown in the URI field. Copy the package name and paste it in the Blacklisted URI’s option. Juste make sure to add androidapp:// before the package name. And that’s it.

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