Exclude Android APP from auto fill

There was a thread from 2020, but I don’t know if it’s good to continue that one so I’ve created this new one. Sorry if that’s the wrong approach.

Anyway, I’m trying to exclude an app. Now this is an old app, so I can’t go into Google Play to see the URI, since it doesn’t exist there anymore.

I downloaded an app called “Applications Info” (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.majeur.applicationsinfo), and it gave me the presumably correct URI () which I input under Settings > Options > Blacklisted URI (androidapp://no.nets.bankid.android)

But, it didn’t help. When I open the app, Bitwarden obscures the input field, so I can no longer use it.

Does anybody have any insight? Thanks in advance.

No insights here, but this is what I would try: Log out of Bitwarden and restart the phone.

And to get the URI without 3rd party tools try this: Go to the settings of your phone → Manage Apps → look for the app you are interested in. In the top right corner I have an “i” in a circle. If I click it I get that information and more.

I don’t think auto-fill even works for manual android. Do you mean disassociate the app from an site entry?

What do you mean with “manual android” ? The auto-fill services work fine with most of my apps. Unfortunately there are exceptions like the app from the manufacturer of my router. But I put the blame on those apps, not on Bitwarden.

Hi. Thank you. Tried logging out, and restarted phone but no dice. Unfortunately, there is no circle with i under app info here (Note 9 with Android 10)

Must then be the adjustments my phone manufacturer made (Xiaomi, Mi9, Android 10).

Could be. Checked on my Huawei here, and it doesn’t have it either.

Autofill may mean when someone brings up a form it is filled automatically without any action from you. For browser extension, there is an option for autofill on page load. When enable, when user bring up the login page, the fields are automatically filled in as oppose to asking bitwarden to fill it. I don’t see such an option in android app.

I am sticking to the wording Bitwarden uses.
Switch your (Android) phone over to English, start Bitwarden and then go to Settings. The first setting has the title Auto-fill. The setting itself has the name Auto-fill Services.
If you see something completely different it may be a case of Lost In Translation.

I think we are not talking about the same item. My initial question is what the OP meant by autofill. Is it that the value is automatically filled into the field or does it mean the drop down for the autofill appears? In this case, it seems to be the latter. One would exclude by going into the app and deleting the entry for android. This would prevent the drop down from appearing.