Exclude a folder from web form suggestions and all search

I am coming from 1password.com and I have kept my old credit card info and some logins in old vault. I was assuming that we can use folders here to keep old data. But after importing from 1password, I see duplicate names in all items and also on web form suggestions. Is there a way to provide option on folder level to exclude this folder from 1) all search and 2) also not use in web form suggestions in browser. Or can anyone suggest me how we can achieve this in Bitwarden.


I think at the moment there is no real and easy solution.
i also have lots of old items which I do not want to delete.
Many users asked for something like an Archive.

Hello @sameerchavan - I believe that @clausimausi is correct: currently there is no elegant way to put items into an Archive folder that is not searchable.

Here is what I do, and it works well enough, although it requires a bit of regular maintenance to perform.

Every user can create a Free Organization within their Bitwarden account, and it can contain up to two Collections. I named my collections Archive and Temp. In the Web Vault, I went into the organization’s settings and changed my users settings (under Manage → People) so that my Archive collection was hidden from me, and I made the Temp collection visible (see screen capture below). You only ever have to do this once and then you are setup for archiving BW items.

To archive items, I use any BW app/client to move the item to the organization’s Temp collection. Items will still be visible at this point on all the clients/apps. When I have accumulated a few items to archive, I login to the web vault and move the Temp items to the Archive collection, and then they are only visible in the organization view in the Web Vault, but not in my BW clients/apps. It works quite well, albeit not as slick as a dedicated Archive folder that is hidden within the personal vault.


H Guys,
thanks for taking the time to respond. I followed what @dh024 said. Its working for me. But I hope BW creates an easy option to include or exclude folders from suggestions and all item searches. I am still using 1password.com which has all the functionality in the world. But recently with their collection concept it is confusing.

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