Exchange position of custom fields and notes

Normally custom fields contain more valuable information than notes, so they should not be at the bottom but after the main information.


I have signed up here only to suggest this too.

I think custom fields are more valuable (once added and filled an entry) than URI’s, Folder, Notes sections.

Even, I think that Notes and Custom Fields should change position based on their content (if they aren’t empty).


I heartily agree. For instance, I have made a template for bank accounts with Custom Fields for account, sort no etc which I would like to see above any notes. You can move the custom fields around, why not Notes as well?

I agree
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Сразу извиняюсь за переводчик.

Прошу поставить «Пользовательские поля» над «Заметками». Обычно пользовательские поля не занимают много места, в отличии от заметок. Например если хранить там резервные коды от аккаунтов и т.д.



I immediately apologize for the translator.

Please put “Custom Fields” above “Notes”. Typically, custom fields do not take up much space, unlike notes. If you store backup codes from accounts, etc.

Thank you.

Agree with this feature request. Would be immensely helpful to have custom fields above notes to have all the password/account fields together in one area. Thanks!

Custom Fields are almost by definition more important than Notes, so when viewing an item, any custom fields should appear immediately following the permanent fields (with the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ icon present.) The Notes field should appear last.

This is most significant when an item has a fairly long note which pushes any custom fields so far down that it becomes necessary to find and operate the scroll bar in order to get to the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ icon.

I could not agree more! I so appreciate that custom fields exists, but it would be immensely helpful if I could position the missing fields with the standard ones (username/password etc.). Please consider adding this feature.

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