Exception message: The operation was canceled

Using Bitwarden 2022.10.0 on a Fire Tablet HD 8 (10th generation)

I freshly installed it from the Google Play Store (which I had to hack onto the Fire tablet).

I start it up, and see the Login page. I enter my email address and master password. After a long time (30 seconds or more), I get a window that says, “Exception message: The operation was canceled”

Any thoughts on troubleshooting this? Many thanks.

NB: Bitwarden works just fine on my network using another Android phone (non-Fire tablet)

Hello @richb-hanover,

Interesting issue you are facing here. I’m not entirely sure on installing apps via Google Play on an unsupported device such as the Fire tablet.
Being that it had to be side loaded, I’m guessing that the Fire tablet does not have Google Play services, which I believe may be needed for the Google Play version of the app to work.

You may wish to try and use the f-droid compatible .apk version of the Bitwarden mobile app and see if that works on your device.

Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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