EU region not available on bitwarden desktop

Hello, my vault is hosted in EU. I wanted to use the desktop password manager in Windows but it seems that the EU region is not listed in available regions.

2023-08-16 15_03_51-Bitwarden

Version 2023.7.1
Shell 24.1.1
Renderer 112.0.5615.50
Node 18.14.0
Architecture x64

Hi @Giu, welcome to Community! :wave:

I’m not able to reproduce this issue, so I’m wondering if it was related to our maintenance window yesterday - is this option still missing?

Hi sj-bitwarden, Thanks a lot for the answer. The problem is still there today. I have uninstalled the software and installed it again. The result is still the same.

Hi @Giu, unfortunately I’m not sure what else could be causing this issue. I’d recommend reaching out to our support team so they can investigate the issue further and get this resolved.

Hi sj-bitwarden, Thanks a lot for the answer. Case sent to support.