Error when trying to sign in with Yubikey FIDO 2FA

When trying to login to the bitwarden chrome extension using Yubikey FIDO 2FA, I’m getting an error that says “An error has occurred. Cannot parse data.”. I can switch to other 2FA methods and those work fine.

Anyone seen this before or how can I start troubleshooting this.

I’m self hosted on docker with premium.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 014200|377x96

Hi Logan,

Yes, this is affecting desktop and browser extensions. Fix is on the way. Good to know you have other 2FA methods to access your account for now.

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I just wanted to let you know that I have the same issue with the firefox extension (self hosted on docker with premium). The only reason I am save is because I can still log into the vault using the web application.

Thank you for the reply! I tried to do my due diligence and see if this was posted somewhere else so I didn’t bother you guys. I’m not sure if you already pushed the fix but it seems to be working for me now. Thanks again! This is the first problem I’ve had with my setup in many years, absolutely love Bitwarden!


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