'Error saving user' when creating account

I’ve installed Bitwarden in a docker on my Synology DS1901+. I’m not that tech savvy so I’ve followed the instructions on this site.
I ended up with a seemingly functional installation, which I can access from my chosen domain name. SSL is also configured.

However, when creating an account, after filling out the required details, I get an error: ‘error saving user’. I have no idea what causes this error. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Hello @Bert-Jan - I just wanted to let you know that Bitwarden server is not supported on Synology systems and Bitwarden does not provide any software on the Synology Package Center. What you have installed is something else, so this is not the appropriate group to approach for help.

I also think you should be very cautious about using security software posing as Bitwarden, for obvious reasons.

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Hi @dh024,

Thanks for the quick reply. As you probably gathered from my first post, I’m new to this, so I might be talking nonsense, but this is not a Synology packet. Synology uses Docker, and Bitwarden is installed in a docker container. As I understand it from other website, installing Bitwarden in Docker is not unusual. I think this is basically the same thing, only in his case, Docker is running on my Synology NAS. Does that make a difference? Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in the first post.

But the guide you followed to install the software told you to download a Docker package claiming to be Bitwarden, but in fact, the software is a Bitwarden imposter, NOT software written and supported by Bitwarden.

Bitwarden provides no official release of its software that will run on Synology systems, inside Docker or not. Sorry - just cautioning you that you are trying to install something else.

Ah, thanks for the clarification! I had a look just now and noticed the name ‘Vaultwarden’ in the footer. I guess that’s the imposter.
No worries, I’ll use the online version for now and look for a better self-hosted option.

Thanks again.

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