"error: cannot decrypt"

Hey, in short - new error with the new browser extension I just experienced (on Brave 1.60.110, extension version 2023.10.0):

The data seems okay. But of course the search doesn’t work and the extension can not recognize the - or rather “a” - login for a website. Every entry shows “error: cannot decrypt”. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi @Nail1684,

the issue is being tracked with error: cannot decrypt · Issue #6759 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub.

If you wish to add any further information/screenshots/recordings etc., please feel free to do so at any time on the Github issue - our engineering team will be happy to review these.

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Had the same issue. Resolved it by going into Chrome Extensions, turning the extension off, then back on again. Decrypt error is gone. HOWEVER, I’m not able to autofill username/password info into login credentials on other websites.

Same issue here.
Extension ver 2023.10;
Vivaldi 6.4.3160.41

Logging out and back will let me see my vault contents but autofill is broken.

Same issue here, logging back in makes the error disappear, but autofill does not work no more

@JohnnyAZ @streetbinary @Sherloxk281

There already is a fix: Extension version 2023.10.1 (Releases · bitwarden/clients · GitHub).

On Brave(/Chrome) it is already there and working again for me.

Thank you it is working now

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Can you please update to 2023.10.1 in the Opera Addons website? We are still having this issue in Opera and Opera GX (if you want your vault in the left side panel).