Enterprise - Export of User Metadata

Hi there, hope you’re well. Would love a possible report for Enterprise users that allows you to:

  • Export a list of all users currently in the org
  • List out metadata related to those users, e.g. invitation date, acceptance date, Group, Last Login, etc

This was an extremely convenient feature in LastPass, and I currently need to look for that information through the entire user activity log, and I can’t filter that activity export before exporting, so it creates enormous activity logs. You also can’t find a record of when you invited someone or when they’ve accepted an invite in the user activity log - you can only find if they’ve enrolled in 2FA and that doesn’t always align with the last two.



That is exactly what I try to do!
I’m very interested in a solution to have this type of information:

  • list of users declared
    • email
    • status : invited, needs confirmation, Revoked
    • last access (login or usage)
    • license (password manager, secrets manager)

Best regards