Enterprise Deployement : Auto-fill self-hosted URL in Extension's Settings (Browser)


I am currently deploying Bitwarden to users and have to manually enter our custom DNS of the self-hosted Bitwarden’s server.

I searched a lot across the net and no topic seems to be similar.
(FYI, I even tried to edit the extension’s code and push it to users but Google refuse it because it is not approved by the store…)

Does anyone had to deploy the extension for browers and if so, how did you manage to do it ?

Thanks all, have a great day ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ikallin!

Here’s our official doc on the topic:


Mobile/Desktop make it easy, but extensions don’t have a configuration option currently.

Hi @tgreer !
Oh I knew about this article and was wondering if this awesome community may have found a way to configure the extension.

Since I have almost finished the deployement, I hope this feature will be included in the future to provide a full solution for deployements ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer and love Bitwarden !

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