Enhancement to browser extension to allow adding recovery questions and passwords

Feature name

  • Quick recovery question and answer add to notes

Feature function

Many sites now require you to provide X # of recovery questions and answers. If you put random answers (like you should) then you need a place to document it. The notes section in a login is a great place for it.

I realize it is hard to automatically extract questions/answers from websites since there is no standard markup for this but I have an idea that would work.

In the right click context menu, if you right click on a field, BW would have an option to say “copy field/element value” that would copy the value of the field. That would allow you to quickly paste it into the notes.

Or make it a two step process where they first right click on the question field and then right click on the answer field and BW takes the values of both and inserts it into the notes field.

I agree that support for “security” questions would be useful. However, I suggest storing the answers custom fields instead of in the notes section, so that the values can be easily copied & pasted.


May I ask, is those custom fields a part of the export when doing backups? Thinking about both Jason and CSV exports. I know text in notes is exported, but is custom fields also that?

Thanks for response, and sorry for basic questions

Yes, custom fields are included in both CSV and JSON exports. However, in a CSV export, all custom field types are converted to “text” type fields (i.e., if re-importing an exported CSV file, any custom fields that were originally configured to be “hidden”, “linked”, or “boolean” fields will now all be “text” fields).

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I’m okay with that. It might get messy if you use custom fields for other things but that’s okay. That does make me think of another feature idea: being able to group custom fields.

Making your own custom item types is on the roadmap :+1: Let me know if that satisfies this feature request.

@dwbit can you provide any more information on how that will be implemented? It may or may not address this Feature Request depending on exactly what will be possible to do with the custom templates feature.

I’m guessing that the following workflow (from OP) would still not be available:

Yeah, a place to put the data is one thing.

This FR was to make it easier to copy the value of the secret question fields.

Just a thought.

Custom hidden fields are perfect for any value you need to copy, in my opinion. Each one can have a label too.

Yes, agreed. But that is not what this feature request is for.

Sorry I misunderstood