Enhance sync between devices

Currently the sync is not always automatic and sometimes need to be done manually by opening the app.

Use case:
Using chrome extension on the pc, I add a new login/password for a specific website. Obviously, on the pc I can login right away. Then I use my phone (in my case Iphone) and try to login. My new credentials are not found.
The workaround is to open BW app on the phone which should be enough to retrive the new login/password (if not, pull down to trigger a manual sync). Then I go back to the webpage on the phone and I can connect.

do an auto sync each time I use Bw to autofill a form on my phone. If this is technically not possible, at least having a manual sync button in the bw overlay

I just found this Pull request which seems to partially respond to my request (as described in the PR: this PR introduces the ability to pull to refresh in the autofill window like in the default app.)
The code is ready for more than a year now.
Can you please merge it?