Encrypted Vault question - attachments and export

I understand that Bitwarden encrypts the entire vault for each file, unlike LP which leaves some fields in plaintext. I assume this includes attachments such as pdf or photos; can anyone confirm? Secondly, on export, do those attachments travel with you or are they left behind? LP leaves all attachments in secure notes behind when you do an export (major hassle in shuttering a LP account).



The docs say BW encrypts attachments. (I’m assuming the only way to put a file into a vault is as an attachment)

BW vault exports do NOT include attachments. A PITA as you noted. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I recommend you migrate attachments manually unless you have a very substantial amount.

Vault data that is encrypted includes, but is not limited to:
→ Names of Folders, Collections, Items, & Attachments
from below

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Bitwarden also does not currently export attachments (which, in practice, is more of an issue for vault backup workflow than for shuttering one’s account) — however, there is a feature request here. Nonetheless, through the CLI client, it is possible to script the download (and upload) of attachments; one example of this is the third-party tool Portwarden.

And yes, all attachments are stored in the cloud as encrypted blobs.


Good to know about the CLI export script method. And the feature request, which I will upvote. Thanks!

Thanks! Very helpful!

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Just went through this myself swtching from LP. I used the lastpass-cli to find and export all of my attachments so I could manually re-attach them in my new vault. And yeah, Bitwarden doesn’t export attachments either, but it’s a lot easier to find them via the search (>attachments:*), which is very handy.

For the LP CLI export, I used this:

jradwan/lastpass-attachment-exporter: Exports all Attachments from lastpass (github.com)

(that’s my fork, made some adjustments/fixes to the original)