Encrypted vault exports fails while logged in with passkey


I just noticed that I can’t export my Bitwarden vault (.json encrypted) when I’m logged into the vault with my passkey. I enter the file password for encryption and confirm with the correct master password, which then appears to be incorrect. However, if I log into the vault with the master password, the export works as usual.

Is this behavior intentional?

Hi @Badmax2801 and welcome to the community :tada:

This is not intentional and a user has opened the following bug report on GitHub: export failed when using "Log in with passkey" · Issue #8846 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Please follow that issue report for any progress and add any information which might be useful for the development team there.

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I experienced the same error a few days ago. Since it’s the web vault, it maybe doesn’t matter, but it was on Windows 11 with Brave browser.