Encrypt block of text and copy the encrypted information

Let’s say I want to encrypt a block of text (a note or letter) and then copy the encrypted text so I can paste it into some other application.

I know Notes will encrypt and securely store text, but I want to get the encrypted text itself.

Yes I know I can use encrypted messaging and email but that’s not what I’m looking for in this case.

Do we have a way to do this currently with Bitwarden?

Not really, unless you want to dig through your data.json file and find the cipher corresponding to the note you created. This would not be a trivial undertaking, since Bitwarden also encrypts the name of your note.

What is the reason you’d like to do this? Is there a reason you couldn’t use a regular encryption/decryption tool, like the following site?

I suppose I could do that but ideally I’d avoid something online. Also I’d prefer to stay within the Bitwarden ecosystem.

There are similar tools that work off-line. As I explained above, Bitwarden does not offer this capability.

Here is one option for an offline, client-side AES encryption tool (but please do your own due diligence; I do not vouch for this site):