Empty list after logging in a premium account

Hi all,

I think I encounter a bug when logging in to the web vault of Bitwarden (vault.bitwarden.com).

I have a free Bitwarden account myself, but I’m invited for (and have accepted) the vault of the company I work for. Despite that I get an empty list when I log in to the web vault. (see attached screenshot). What I see is an empty list (standard is selected All vaults and All items and the invitation on the right side to join Premium.

When I refresh the browser page, but then everything is fine again; I see the items, I see my company’s vault and the invitation for a Premium account has dissappeared.

Am I maybe missing something or is this really a bug?

Thanks in advance,


@allanyip Welcome to the forum!

Is this behavior reproducible (i.e., does it happen every time that you log in to the web vault?)?

I have sometimes encountered the described behavior on vault login recently. It seems to occur intermittently. On all occasions I have observed the behavior, it resolves (i.e the item list populates) when I repeat the vault login.

Hi grb,

Not everytime, seems like it happens after I’ve started up the computer and go to the web vault. As if it has something to do with the cookies or corrupt sessions.



If this behavior is at least somewhat reproducible (i.e., if it always happens again after less than ~10 computer reboots, or so), then you should consider filing a bug report (“New Issue”) on GitHub.

Ok thanks grb,

I’ll monitor it so that I have some more information on the bug and then I’ll file a bug report report.

Thanks for helping!


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