Empower Your Security: Detailed Bitwarden Email Alerts

Sometimes login from ios or a browser extension usually it always sends me an email saying a new login from that device, but recently I stopped receiving, I don’t know like maybe it’s a bug or something but sometimes I receive sometimes I don’t. I also thought about the following, how about receiving emails for other actions taken in bitwarden, such as email for informing that session has been deauthorized, maybe a email for informing vault has been purged, or specific login has been deleted or some detailed email for following up with account security, now of course it might be a spam but user can choose and select to opt in (everyone is opt out for default to avoid spam), on consent you can opt in to receive detailed activities on your account. Me personally I think it’s a really useful feature, to keep track on everything that’s happening on your account, security purposes. Let me know about your thoughts and opinion on such feature.