Emergency Access request emails

So recently I signed up for Premium service to enable the emergency access feature. I provided it to my son and have him send me a request. I did get an email. My timeout is set to 14 days. I was hoping to get more than one email, like once a day or something, but so far there has been two days, I haven’t received any email in addition to the one I got at the time when he requested.

Does the system send any more emails? I was hoping to receive one email per day, so that if I miss the very first email, I get reminded again. This is kinda dangerous to just send one email in the beginning and never worry about it, and the time expires and the access is granted.

Hello @shah123 - welcome!

Currently, the system only sends one email, and I am not aware of a way to change that. So, your suggestion is a good one, I think. You might wish to edit your post hear to make it a Feature Request, instead, so that you and others can support it with votes to attract the attention of the Bitwarden developers. (If you are not sure how to do that, let me know and I can do it for you, if you like.) Cheers!


Thanks for the reply. I have changed it to feature request and voted. Please vote if you agree.

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The last time I tested emergency access it would send one email a day until releasing the vault. I don’t know if they changed it?

Don’t forget to check your spam filters as something like this could trigger it.

@dangostylver I checked my junk mail and there are no emails from bitwarden. I have been receiving all the bitwarden emails in my inbox. Looks like they changed it. Can you give it a shot again to confirm?

Sorry, I can’t retest this time. We need @tgreer or anyone at Bitwarden to confirm if there has been a change to the emergency access email.

I tested it when it first came out as it was sending too many emails, like 4 to 8 at the same time. They later fixed it and it was one email a day and I figured it still works like this to this day?

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Currently, the email is sent immediately upon the request for access, and then when there is 1 day left. If your timeout is < 1 day, you’ll only get the initial request email :+1:


Thanks @tgreer . I personally think once a day for something so security-critical (we are talking about giving away access automatically if not responded to) is a good reminder frequency. Even better if it is configurable at the time of sending the request to grantee, like the # of days. But the default should be once a day no less.

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